The Glen L. Rudd Foundation has been established by his children and grandchildren in an effort to preserve the legacy of charity and welfare.

Charles A. Rudd currently serves as President of the Foundation. Professionally, Charles is President of Beehive State Enterprises, Inc., where he has worked for the past 34 years. In addition to his professional responsibilities, he serves in a church leadership role working with Young Single Adults. He is a recipient of the Eagle Scout and Silver Beaver Awards and enjoys being actively involved with the Boy Scouts of America. Mr. Rudd has been married to his wife, Annette, for 33 years. He enjoys spending time with his six children and eight grandchildren.

David H. Rudd currently serves as Vice-President of the Foundation. In business, David is the Senior VP of Finance and Administration for Information Access Technology. He has been with IAT for over 20 years and has held ownership in the company since the early 1990’s. He provides service to his religious organization as well as the Make-A-Wish and Cystic Fibrosis Foundations (Utah Chapters). Mr. Rudd also currently serves as the Chair of the Hillcrest High School Community Council. He has been married to his wife Aimee since 1986 and is the proud father of three daughters.

Susan Rudd Taylor currently serves as Secretary and Treasurer of the Foundation. Ms. Taylor is married to Michael D. Taylor, M.D. She is a homemaker, active in the home and community, and is the mother of nine children (six of which are living). She has served as PTA President at Westridge Elementary and on several other committees at Provo High School. She is a ham radio operator and is active in the Boy Scouts of America and her religious organization.

Charles Rudd



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Dave Rudd

(Vice Pres.)


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Susan Taylor



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Lee Rudd



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Foundation Structure

Glen L. / Marva S. Rudd

Community Advisory Council

Tom Morgan (Chair)
Marsden Blanch
James Hamula
Ted Hill
Shane London
Mike Mower
Ifo Pili
Scott Sperry
Aiveni Taufa

Executive Committee

Charlie Rudd (President)
Dave Rudd (Vice President)
Susan Taylor (Secretary)
Lee Rudd (Treasurer)

Board of Directors

Charlie/Annette Rudd (Chair)
Lee/Lee Ann Rudd
Matt/Nancy Rudd
Barbara/Clark Jolley
Becky/Rob Lingard
Susan/Michael Taylor
Glenda/Steve Western
Dave/Aimee Rudd

(At Large)


Annual Month of Giving

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